Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stepping Gingerly

She stepped gingerly across the jewel colored carpets that covered the creaking wooden floor, sensing a foundation so decayed it might swallow her any minute...

Since this is the first entry in this blog, I decided to address the name of it. Stepping gingerly is my way of life. Not because I wouldn't like to barrel boldly forth, but because careful movement seems to work better for me. Sometimes I forget and ultimately end up in one of those, "Well, you knew better," conversations with myself.

Everyone seems to have their own lessons in life. Some of our lessons overlap. Some are as individual as the color flecks in our irises. It accounts for why things don't always seem fair: "Why does the universe allow that person to get away with this over and over, and I can't get away with it once?"

I read somewhere that life is a school and we all decide what we have to learn and what we want to repair in ourselves. That would account for situations that just won't seem to change, either for lack of motivation or lack of good fortune. Now, I'm formally learning about Subtle Action, the Law of Attraction, and about accessing the power of genuine gratitude to manifest a desired outcome. But, what if I didn't sign up for that outcome? Can I do a kind of drop/add? Will it keep me from graduating?

Not knowing for sure what the answer to this is, and not being all together comfortable with swallowing someone else's interpretation of things, especially if I don't fully understand, I step gingerly. What we all accept to be the truth, most likely is far from it. What we frequently build our lives on - money and things and influence - that's a fragile foundation that can easily crumble.

Stepping gingerly is not so bad. It makes it more possible to notice the trees and the flowers, the air, the energies of other people and self. It makes it easier to sense which way the wind blows; to discover the path of least resistance. It's not for everyone, of course. I would never profess to know how everyone else should live. I do know one thing, though. If you signed up for it, like I'm positive I did, you'll eventually figure it out. And, if it's not for you, I'll be waving to you as you swoosh by.

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  1. Great start my friend. I look forward to your continued thoughts. Life is a journey for each us & we all should enjoy the ride. No one can tell us what our journey should be, it's truly up to us. I believe if you want to "drop/add" you're always allowed to do that...or just totaly reboot.