Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just One Wish

If you had one wish…

I know it sounds childish, but really. What would you wish for if you had one wish?

I’ve thought about this my whole life. Why? I don’t know. Usually it’s something to think about when I’m lying awake in the early, early AM, when my mind is still kind of sleepy but not enough to actually sleep. If you’ve never contemplated the one wish dilemma, then you might want to start contemplating kindness, forgiveness, and tolerance so you don’t get the urge to make fun.

Back to the wish.

When I was young, the standard answer would be, “I wish for more wishes!” That way I could help everybody else and myself, too. But, then, some wise guy somewhere asked the question and qualified it by declaring that the “infinite wishes” answer wasn’t allowed anymore.

Of course not.

So what would it be? Endless food for everyone? A loving home for every human and domestic animal? World peace?

One pretty good wish would be to make everything that is meant to be a weapon, or is used as a weapon, just disappear – poof!

One wish could end fear, end greed, end hate.

You could even wish for everyone to suddenly be filled with divine love for everyone and everything.

I watched Star Trek a lot as a kid and I always liked the episode with the spores that shot out of the flowers and made everybody perfectly happy and healthy. It was a lovely symbiotic relationship. Even Mr. Spock was happy. Maybe I would wish that those flowers were real and growing everywhere on earth.

It’s just too hard to decide. If it really happened, I think I’d need a little time.

Since it’s not real, I’m going back to the “infinite wishes” wish. I don’t care if it’s not allowed. That one takes more time when I’m trying to get back to sleep.

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  1. Well if I stuck to the rules & only had one wish. I would wish for more love in the world. If it has to be qualified (the accountant in me) I would say "Everyone in world from this moment on has 50% more love in their heart for everyone in the world." Why 50%? because people would still have to chose a path of love. But by inceasing the love in their heart by 50% even a dark heart that's lost would fell a lot of love.

    If I cheat & get more....well I've never really thought about it. I guess I would make each wish a very individual one....like "For President Obama I would wish peace in the world before his first term is up."

    Thanks for the thoughts,